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General Information

policeScottsdale Police
medicalMayo Clinic Scottsdale/Lost Persons
cellphoneVerizon Zone: Cell Phone Zone
disabledHandicap Seating
willcallTicket Will Call
shuttleParking Shuttle
birdsnestCoors Light Birds Nest


concessions Concession Stand
rattlesnakeden Rattler’s Den
tiltedkilt2 Tilted Kilt Beer Garden
fanzone Albertson’s Fan Zone
garcias Garcia’s
pfchangs PF Chang’s Patio
zinburger Zinburger
westfood West Food Court
grill Lifebird Grill
winebar Beringer Wine Bar
expocenter WM Phoenix Open Expo Center
merchandise TPC Merchandise Pavilion


greenskeeper Oakley Greenskeeper
grayhawk Grayhawk Members Club
coorslight Coors Light Skybox 16
coorslight Coors Light Skybox 17
coorslight Coors Light Skybox 18
corporatevillage ­­Corporate Village
corporatebox Corporate Boxes: 18 Green
princess Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Clubhouse
grandstands Public Grand Stand
patriots Patriots’ Outpost

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