Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the WM Phoenix Open, we truly could not host the Greatest and Greenest Show on Grass without you! Registration for the 2024 WM Phoenix Open begins in October, 2023.


  • All must be a minimum of 18 years of age or older
  • Available to work three shifts between Monday 2/6-Sunday 2/12, may work additional days as well.
  • Typical shifts run from beginning of play until end of play each day.
  • Flexible in volunteer assignment.
  • Ambulatory ability to walk 18 holes or stand for long periods of time.

Possible Volunteer Committees

GALLERY MANAGEMENT Gallery Management Ambassadors are given a unique inside and outside-the ropes tournament experience. They are responsible for managing gallery noise & traffic, reinforcing health & safety policies, leading by example, and providing a world-class guest experience.

Gallery Management Ambassadors will be assigned to a specific hole (1 – 18) or high traffic areas (such as practice locations, crosswalks, and hospitality zones).


Definition of ShotLink Volunteer Roles:

Volunteers who perform these functions enjoy a unique inside-the-ropes experience. Using ShotLink, a state-of- the-art system for collecting and distributing real-time scoring and statistical data, walking scorers accompany a group of players to keep their scores and record data that is relayed in real time to scoreboards, network broadcasts and digital platforms around the world. Location-Based Operators use laser equipment and handheld tablets stationed near the fairways or around the greens to capture ball position and enable real-time distance data and statistics. Similarly, Spotters are also assisting the Location-Based Operators in locating the golf ball so that data can get collected in a timely manner.  These exciting volunteer positions are essential to the success of the tournament and put volunteers right where the action is!


Experience the WMPhoenix Open from inside the ropes! This committee is responsible for measuring and recording the location and distance of every shot hit during the tournament using the ShotLink scoring system. The measurements enable real-time distance data and statistics to be delivered to scoreboards, TV broadcasts, the internet, and mobile device applications. Volunteers on this committee are assigned to one of three roles: Laser Operators, Tablet Operators, or Rovers.  You must be 18+ years or older to be a ShotLink Location-Based Operator and sign the ShotLink Disclosure Form.

  1. Laser Operators: The Laser Operator role is responsible for using a laser rangefinder to measure the final  resting position of shots on and around the fairway. It requires a basic knowledge of the game of golf, as well as a commitment to timeliness, accuracy, and attention to detail. Laser operators are stationed along the fairway and should be physically able to stand at their laser position for the duration of their shift in potentially varied weather conditions. Laser operators should be comfortable with technology and focused on capturing data in a timely but accurate manner.
  1. Tablet Operators: The Tablet Operator role is responsible for using a handheld tablet device to plot the ending position of shots. It requires a basic knowledge of the game of golf, as well as a commitment to timeliness, accuracy, and attention to detail. Tablet operators are expected to be mobile and walk around the fairways or greens, as necessary to gain an accurate insight into the ball’s final resting location. Tablet operators should be physically fit, capable of standing/walking for the duration of their shift in a variety of weather conditions.
  2. Rovers: The Rover position is responsible for rotating through each of the Competition Support Volunteer positions on a specific golf hole(s) to provide breaks, answer questions, and provide assistance as needed. In some cases, the Rover may serve as a liaison between the ShotLink Truck and the Competition Support volunteers on the Rover’s assigned hole. The Rover should be an experienced volunteer that has completed the training for each type of Competition Support position, as well as training specific to the Rover position.

A one-hour online training course and an additional one-hour in-person training session before tournament week are required. Location-Based Operators are also encouraged to attend on-course training on Wednesday of tournament week and should be available to work for at least two full tournament days. This committee works all-day shifts outside.

COMPETITION SUPPORT: SPOTTER positions assist the fairway operators with locating ball positions and identifying situations where the player’s shot may be obstructed. This position requires a basic knowledge of the game of golf, as well as a commitment to timeliness, accuracy, and attention to detail. Spotters are expected to be mobile  and walk as necessary to locate shots in their designated area (normally 1 side of a golf hole). Spotters should be physically fit and capable of standing/walking for the duration of their shift in a variety of weather conditions.

On-course training on Tuesday or Wednesday of tournament week is also available (Confirm with Chairperson). The ShotLink Advance staff will provide orientation for this role on-site in conjunction with the committee chairperson. The Spotter should be available to work for at least two tournament days.

COMPETITION SUPPORT: WALKING SCORER role is a prestigious and critical ShotLink volunteer position that requires mental  and physical stamina, attention to detail, and a thorough understanding of the game of golf. The Walking Scorer    accompanies a group of up to 3 players in order to keep their score, track specific statistics, and provide real- time data capture that informs all aspects of the ShotLink system. Walking scorers should have the physical ability to easily keep pace with their group across all 18 holes without a break and in varying weather conditions. For reference 18 holes will vary from 5-6 miles or roughly 10,000 steps. They should be comfortable using a handheld digital device to record each shot, as well as the voice radio with a headset that allows for constant communication with the ShotLink staff.

Walking Scorer volunteers are required to complete   a 1- hour online training course, a 1-hour in-person training that occurs prior to tournament week and should be  available for the Wednesday Pro-Am, and at least two additional tournament days.

CONCESSIONS volunteers take part in the energetic and fast-paced food and beverage venues around the TPC Stadium Course. Shifts are 7 hours in length and duties include cash register operation, stock replenishment and drink dispensing. Volunteers are assigned to their duty station upon check-in depending on weather and tournament conditions. Tan or khaki pants, shorts or skorts and comfortable shoes are the uniform prerequisites.

SECURITY volunteers staff the entrance to various venues on and around the tournament course. Even though multiple security agencies are employed during tournament week it’s our Security volunteers who are the first and last point of contact for our guests experiencing the WM Phoenix Open. Effective communication skills and attention to detail are necessary. Duties may include providing information to spectators; familiarity with the required credentials for each venue entry point; and crowd control all around the TPC and at the main Clubhouse. Some special assignments may include escorting special guests to various venues, provide egress for the players off the course during bad weather or darkness as well as escorting players back on to the course, to resume play. Security volunteers are asked to wear tan or khaki pants and be prepared for variable weather conditions; the cool morning air often turns into a hot day. A safety vest is issued to identify our volunteer security while at their assigned post.

TRANSPORTATION volunteers receive, inventory and control the issuance of tournament Ford Courtesy Cars. Volunteers on this committee will meet players, officials, and designated guests at the airport and assist them with their receiving their vehicle. The largest need in this committee falls at the beginning and end of tournament week. Volunteers must be over 25 years of age and have a valid driver’s license with a clean driving record.

Volunteers chosen to work the tournament will be contacted by the Volunteer Committee Chairperson in the weeks leading up to the tournament to confirm shift schedules, discuss requirements, benefits and the responsibilities associated with working your assigned position. Thank you for volunteering and paying it forward through your time and effort!


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