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Each and every year, the Waste Management Phoenix Open relies on thousands of volunteers and an abundance of community support to host a successful event. Volunteering at the Waste Management Phoenix Open is not only great way to be a part of the “Greatest Show on Grass,” it also has a direct impact on the amount of charity dollars the tournament gives out each year.

Volunteering at the Waste Management Phoenix Open offers many fun opportunities. Volunteers can interact with spectators, watch the best golf on the planet and in some cases, interact with PGA TOUR stars themselves. For the tournament to achieve our charitable goals, we need the help of thousands of volunteers to assist in a variety of roles.

Volunteer Committees

Zero Waste Stations | NOW CLOSED
Support the Waste Management Phoenix Open Zero Waste Challenge by volunteering! Zero Waste Stations are set up in high traffic areas on course assisting fans contributing to their recycling and compost bins. Volunteers will receive an admission ticket to come back and enjoy the tournament for each shift completed. Zero Waste Station volunteers will help make this the “greenest” show on grass!

Concessions | NOW CLOSED
Concessions Volunteers assist in various concession areas around the TPC Stadium Course during tournament week with the opportunity to interact with thousands of fans throughout the week in a fun, busy environment, right in the middle of the action.

Earn service hours for a charitable organization such as Special Olympics, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Scottsdale or the Phoenix Panhellenic Association to name a few. When completing the online registration, sign up with the charity of your choice from a drop down menu.

Volunteers will provide various security measures at different locations on and around the golf course. Most of your duty will be checking credentials at various entry points.

More Information and Registration Instructions

A volunteer’s responsibilities are fairly simple: show up for the shifts you’ve been assigned to, perform the specific duties of your position, wear the required uniform of your position, and ensure spectators have as much fun as you do!

If chosen to volunteer at the tournament you will be contacted by the Volunteer Committee Chairperson in the weeks leading up to the tournament. This Volunteer Committee Chairperson will confirm shift schedules, discuss requirements, benefits and responsibilities for working your assigned position.

Volunteer Registration is NOW OPEN!

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