Thunderbirds Charities Spotlight | Barrow Neurological Institute

Thunderbirds Charities has donated more than $950,000 to Barrow Neurological Institute – an internationally renowned medical center offering care for people from all corners of the world with brain and spine diseases, disorders and injuries. They are dedicated to advancing the knowledge and practice of medicine in neuroscience through basic and clinical research, education of medical professionals and innovation in clinical techniques and technology.

“Walking into the facility, it’s on a different level than what I thought I was going to walk into and some of the machines they have and some of what they’ve been able to do with help the patients and help the family of the patients is very, very impressive,” said Tyler Chester, The Thunderbirds. “Seeing this facility and knowing that my part of being a Thunderbird, how we work together and really, truly help the community. I believe the sky is the limit.”

The recent grant from Thunderbirds Charities – the giving arm of The Thunderbirds, hosts of the Waste Management Phoenix Open – will allow Barrow Neurological Institute to bolster their neurorobotics program to better serve their clients.

“The amazing partnership we have between these iconic valley leadership group in their respective areas is something that isn’t seen very often and we’re very fortunate to have that opportunity to work with The Thunderbirds.,” said Trent Maruyama, Rehabilitation Program Coordinator, Barrow Neurological Institute. “We used to be a high-touch, low-technology therapy center. Now we’ve changed that into a high-touch, high-technology therapy center and engaged the neurorobotics program to help our patients get better in the most efficient way possible.”

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