Thunderbirds Charities Spotlight | Arizona Science Center

The Arizona Science Center‘s CREATE Program builds a science and engineering foundation where children of all ages can experience hands-on learning in an interactive space. It teaches collaboration and inspires creativity for the young people in our communities and introduces them to STEM careers and college and career pathways to build a better future.

“Our family has been a member of AZ science center for three or four years now,” said Ian Swiergol, The Thunderbirds. “So as a Thunderbird, it means so much to me that our group is giving back so much to the community, especially in the field of science and technology.”

Thunderbirds Charities recently donated funds to help bolster CREATE at the AZ Science center which will help them take their incredible learning space into schools where children can learn the importance of fun and interesting things like laser cutting and the accompanying computer programming.

“It’s all about inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers who are going to do amazing things,” said Sari Custer, chief curiosity officer & chief scientist, Arizona Science Center. “It’s advancements in medicine. Advancements in space science. It’s the kids that are learning today that are going to take us there again. And that wouldn’t be possible without donations from Thunderbirds Charities.”

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