How to Become a WM Phoenix Open Top Fan

The WM Phoenix Open has some great news for our Facebook followers! Monday, August 5, the WM Phoenix Open will award a number of our Top Fans with two tickets to the 2020 event. And at the end of August, we will give one random Top Fan four tickets to #ThePeoplesOpen next January.

What is a Top Fan on Facebook?

The social network recently added the Top Fan Badge which rewards followers for being one of the most active people on a specific page. That includes watching the page’s videos, liking or reacting to content and commenting on or sharing posts. And to let everyone know how awesome you are, Facebook displays a badge next to Top Fan names when they interact with that page’s content.

How do I become a Top Fan?

Make sure to engage and interact with WM Phoenix Open content on Facebook. That includes liking or reacting to posts, watching videos to completion, sharing content, and, of course, commenting on WM Phoenix Open posts. Make sure to keep the comments clean and have fun!

Thank you to all of our Top Fans, and we look forward to seeing the next batch of our valued commentators at the end of August!

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