Gary Woodland and Amy Bockerstette – a 16th Hole Friendship

There likely isn’t a more recognizable or more impactful friendship on the PGA TOUR than 2018 Waste Management Phoenix Open champion Gary Woodland and his very good friend Amy Bockerstette who took the world by storm in 2019. Hear from Woodland on what he recalls from that special day at “The People’s Open” and how his relationship with Amy went from a 20-minute meet and greet to a lasting and powerful friendship.

“In this game, and especially being a defending champion, you get to do a lot of cool things and meet a lot of really cool people,” said Woodland. “Every week, you’re playing pro-ams and you’re meeting special people. There’s been nobody during my time on the PGA TOUR that has more of a positive impact than Amy has.”

Woodland then recounted his experience at the 16th hole with Amy.

“A couple weeks before the event, I was asked if I would play a hole with Amy and I was excited to meet her and play the 16th hole and spend the day with her for that 20 minutes it takes to play the hole,” Woodland continued. “Two and a half years later I had no idea we would still be great friends today and talk regularly and stay in contact. That what has been so special about it. Her impact, her attitude her love for the game and her love for life is contagious. I know I need it in my life I think the whole world – especially the way things are going right now – needs a whole lot more Amy in it.”

Woodland then spoke about how nervous he was, not for himself, but for Amy.

“It was I was more nervous for her that day than I was walking down the 18th hole in the playoff during the WM Phoenix Open or at the 72nd hole at the US Open,” said Woodland. “I was so nervous for her. It’s an intimidated hole there at 16. it’s her first time playing in front of who knows how many thousands of fans. Wednesday afternoon. I don’t want to miss the green. She hits in the bunker. I kept saying I wanted to get it out of the bunker for her and she kept saying ‘I got this I got this.’ That’s not a bunker shot I would want and I hit those every day. She hits an unbelievable bunker shots and I never wanted a putt to go in more than that one and she hit it dead center.

Finally, Woodland talked about how he carries his friendship with Amy with him wherever he goes.

“It was so special not only that she made par, but the impact she’s had on myself and everyone around that tournament,” said Woodland. “The Thunderbirds have been a huge supporter of her and have helped her foundation. And I think we can take that love and energy and apply it to ourselves.”

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