Spectator Tips

Are there restrictions on what I can bring onto the tournament grounds?

Items that are prohibited from being brought into the tournament include:

  • Please review the 2020 Security Procedures for more information.
  • The sale or give-away of tournament tickets and badges at the tournament site is prohibited except by Thunderbirds.

Check The Weather

Check the weather forecast before you visit the Waste Management Phoenix Open and dress appropriately. Expect cool mornings and sunny afternoons, so dressing in layers is the best idea.

Inclement Weather Policy

Spectators will be alerted to weather that tournament officials identify as potentially dangerous. Weather warnings will be broadcast on the electronic leader boards that are located throughout the golf course. Spectators should take appropriate precautions upon observing any weather warnings and avoid hilltops/high places, golf carts, isolated trees and wire fences.

A prolonged blast on an air horn, repeated once, will indicate that tournament play has been suspended, all attendees should seek safe shelter immediately. Two short blast of an air horn, repeated once, will indicate play has resumed.

Must-Have Items

Sunscreen, hat, comfortable shoes and binoculars.


Have A Plan

There are basically two ways to watch a golf tournament. “Parade Style” is where you pick a spot and watch the field pass by or “Cross-Country Style” is where you follow a particular player or group around the course.


Arrive Early

Arrive early to reserve a spot, especially if you plan on watching the tournament “Parade Style.” On Thursday and Friday, groups are simultaneously started on the first and tenth holes. Most people watch the action on the back nine holes which may give you the opportunity to get a better view of the players on the front nine.


Daily Pairing Sheet & Map

Pick up a daily pairing sheet to find out when the players tee off and the order of the groups. Pairing sheets include a course map, and are available near the entrances and at selected other locations on the tournament grounds. The pros usually play in threesomes on Thursday and Friday and twosomes on the weekends. Check the scoreboards to find out who the leaders are, and where they are on course. One way to tell the players from a distance is to look for their caddies, who wear color-coded vests (green, white or yellow), which will be indicated on the daily pairing sheet.



Players are more receptive to requests for autographs after they have completed their round, so don’t interrupt them before or during their round. A good place to catch them is at the practice area, as most players will return there after they play their round.

You agree that you shall not seek autographs of players in order to sell such autographs, and you shall not pay another person to obtain an autograph for you.



Concession stands are located throughout the tournament grounds. For lunch or dinner, visit the Fan Zone. Souvenirs are located at the TPC Merchandise Tents, near the 1st tee and the main entrance.


Who is playing in this year’s Waste Management Phoenix Open?

CLICK HERE to see the list of who is playing in the 2020 Waste Management Phoenix Open. The field will continually be updated through tournament week.

How can I find out what time my favorite players tee off?

Daily pairings will be published in the daily newspaper sports sections and will also be posted on the PGATour.com website. Thursday and Friday pairings are determined before the tournament starts, with each golfer playing one day in the morning and the other day in the afternoon. Saturday and Sunday pairings are based on a player’s score, with the leaders teeing off last. Free daily pairing sheets will also be available at the tournament.


What are the best days to see celebrities?

Wednesday of Waste Management Phoenix Open week features the celebrity event. Wednesday, many celebrities and others take part in the annual Annexus Pro-Am, which begins at 8:30 am.


Will the Waste Management Phoenix Open be broadcast on TV or radio?

Yes, the 2021 Waste Management Phoenix Open will be broadcast nationally on television on GOLF (Thursday and Friday) and GOLF / CBS (Saturday and Sunday). In addition, the Waste Management Phoenix Open will also be broadcast on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio (Thursday — Sunday).

Are chairs permitted?

Collapsible chairs, without chair bags are permitted.


Accommodations near the TPC Scottsdale

Click Here for a list of hotels and resorts near TPC Scottsdale.


Transportation Companies

Visit the Experience Scottsdale website for a complete list of transportation options.


Bicycle and Motorcycle Parking

Fans riding bicycles to the Waste Management Phoenix Open can park and lock them at the City of Scottsdale pavilion in the park between Lots 3 and 4. Motorcycle riders without a parking pass should park in Lot H or W.


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